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About the Reunion

The Story Behind the Idea

Over a year ago, Camille's children had asked her about her family and relatives after seeing her DNA results from National Geographic and Ancestry. The results came back with some interesting findings. 3% Pakistan, Spain, Vanu Atu and of course the Philippines. So it made them ask what their bloodlines were and if they can see some family. Seeing this and the old photos of  relatives hanging in their house spurred their curiosity.  Camille's eldest daughter's name is Julia (named after Mamang Julia Sahagun Quisisem). She wanted to know more of who is the woman she was named after and her family. Especially in the military, it’s challenging to set down permanent roots. They thought having the kids meet all their extended family and cousins their age will foster new relationships with the next generation and re-acquaint them with the elders. This further led her to have a discussion with Christie, Karen & Jessalyn who later contacted Melvin to have a conversation of the idea of having a Sahagun family reunion. The idea was then proposed on Facebook messenger. If you've been participating in the Facebook chats, you know very well how much discussion was involved to decide and finalize a date and location. Then it finally happened! And so here we are in the midst of planning a large event and we are all looking forward to reconnecting with family who for many have never met each other. Please bookmark this page for more details to come!



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Sahagun Logo (final).png

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