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Las Vegas 2023

Our 2023 Reunion has come and gone! 

Thank you once again for celebrating with us the legacy of Lolo Cipriano and Lola Camila! As the echoes of laughter and love linger, our hearts brim with gratitude for this cherished reunion. Until we meet again, may the threads of family ties remain unbroken. Safe journeys, and may the memories we've woven together sustain us until the next joyous embrace.

Word has gotten around and we are committed to raising the bar! Tentatively, in three years, our family tapestry will weave another chapter of love and laughter in Hawaii. Mark your calendars for another grand reunion—more stories, more connections, and a future filled with cherished moments. Let the countdown begin to the next unforgettable gathering in 2026… island style!

In the meantime, please enjoy these images to remember our wonderful time together!

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